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About Marlon Saunders and The Seamless Voice

Marlon Saunders CEO/Founder share his thoughts:

The Seamless Voice is a vocal-artistic-creative space whereimg_5656 your mind, body, and soul are free to enjoy the instrument—your voice. Over the years, I have come to realize that much is said about developing a technique, but little is mentioned about how to apply this technique to a lot of the music being created today.

Many singers are left frustrated, confused, and lost when they are in the studio and cannot produce the tone that the producer needs. Others spend hours night after night wondering if they will “hit” a certain note. There are those who rely on emotion to win thunderous applause only to wake the next morning in fear that they have lost their voice for good.

I come bringing the good news! When head meets heart, you will sing! I encourage you to sing from a place where there is no fear, worry, or negative thoughts about yourself or the singing process. It is in these amazing moments of relaxation, your creative energy knows no boundaries and you, the singer, are totally connected. The breath, the imagination, and the voice are one. That feeling is seamless… absolute magic!

  • Developing a healthy, balanced instrument.
  • Connecting head and heart: mind, body and soul awareness
  • Discovering your voice so that you sing more and worry less.
  • Flexibility throughout your entire instrument.
  • Blending of vocal registers.
  • Understanding breath support and tone production