When Head Meet Heart You Will Sing!

Singing With Joy…And Then Some!

Returning to a place within ourselves where we are interested in the joy of singing! This lovely place is often overlooked in the music business. We hear “No” over and over as we smile and give cordial thank you’s, trying not be affected by rejection yet again! Our dreams shattered and hearts broken, we often lose sight as to the true love of singing.stage-microphone

This workshop emphasizes group singing, harmonizing, improvising and celebrating our lives through our voices!

Marlon will also spend individual time guiding singers through song interpretation, vocal delivery as well as finding your own voice within a song.

The Seamless Voice Promo Packages:

  1. Purchase three 30-minute Online Vocal Coaching Sessions
  2. Purchase 1 Online Artist Consultation and receive 10 personalized vocal exercises
  3. Purchase 5 one-on-one vocal coaching sessions
  4. TSV Clients: Refer and sign up two singers for a one-on-one coaching with Marlon and receive your free coaching session.

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